Lori Jennings is an Executive Recruiting Consultant specialized in full lifecycle recruiting and talent acquisition advisory for start-ups, private equity, consulting firms, and small to medium sized companies. 

We offer flexible pricing models for any of your recruiting needs:

1.      Contingency Search– the recruiter takes all the risk- if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay us anything.  If we do, you pay an agreed % of the 1st year salary of the candidate hired with guarantee of 90 days.  The downside is that your job may not be the priority of all of the requirements we are working.

2.      Retained Search - works best when you have a C-level hire that needs a focused search from a recruiter who has excellent contacts/relationships at that level.  You will provide us exclusive access to the position at an agreed % of the 1st year compensation (base, bonus) typically due in 3 installments (1/3 at the time of the engagement, 1/3 when they provide the shortlist of candidates or after a pre-determined amount of time, 1/3 at the time of the hire).

3.      Fractional/Hybrid Model - is attractive to start-ups or any business looking to hire critical executive talent wanting the focus of a retained search without the high cost.  This will help free up the time of the Founders and Executives who need to concentrate on their customers and mission.   You will pay a fixed price per hour and you can use the time for recruiting and/or helping define your talent acquisition strategy.   Offering advisory on to make your process more efficient as well as how to make your company more attractive to the best people.

So, why hire a Recruiter?

An Executive Recruiter will broaden your set of candidates and get you to explore new ideas by taking you through a process that includes defining the role and factoring in intangibles like cultural fit. You don’t explore everyone when doing your own search- there are always more people out there.  Recruiters also reduce your opportunity costs by freeing you up to run your business. 

How do you pick the right recruiter?

You look for one that knows the type of talent you are hiring and has an active pipeline of candidates who will return their call. You want the person who has been actively recruiting in this space in the last 1-2 years and can call the top 20 people and get a response when they are being hit by a ton of opportunities.  You need someone who can have conversations about executive level compensation, which in addition to a base salary and benefits, can include short term and long term incentives, stock/equity, paid incentives.